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Are you a Parentpreneur?

The Birth of Success Podcast is a place of support for a sacred community navigating through the realest hood there is...PARENTHOOD.
Nothing is off limits here!
Our goal is to help parents connect with their youth through all stages of life. We discuss investing options, credit tips, relatable resources, and practical ways to shift our mindsets and meet our goals in times of uncertainty.

As an entrepreneur and parent, the biggest lessons come from trying to balance it all.

Am I giving my child what they need?

Am I equipping them to be selfsufficient and positively contribute to society?

Are they aware of how boundless and limitless their options are?

Am I equipped to give them what they deserve?

Am I too hard on them or not hard enough?

These are just a few of the questions that all parents have when aiming to be and do the best for their legacy.

You don’t have to do it alone.

This is your village and we are ready to talk about it ALL!

Be ready to laugh, cry, comment, and connect as we navigate our favorite hood…PARENTHOOD!


Click on the link below to become a potential guest speaker

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