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Sevon-on-One Personal Coaching

Would you like to have Sevon WIlliams, Father of Success, working directly with you to help you fix your credit, build your money foundation & leverage your credit to secure funding - and empower you to manifest your outcomes for your business, your family and personal goals..

Sevon has worked with entrepreneurs, students, parents, coaches, consultants and authors to revitalise and leverage their credit in record time.

Hour Success Session


$10,000 USD per/ hr

Prosperity Investment 1-day


$30,000 USD (4 hours)

VIP-Freedom One Year


$200,000 USD annual

  • 10hrs Per Month Remotely Face to Face.

  • Access to All VIP Events Behind The Scenes

  • PLUS 3 Emergency Calls Per Month

Add $10,000.00 + First Class in the US ($20,000.00 USD Outside The United States) travel if Sevon would be coming to you. Otherwise all consulting is done remotely and face-to-face through (ZOOM) video conferencing. There are no refunds or guarantees. All consulting fees and travel expenses are paid up front.

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