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Available Services

Credit Consulting

This is worry-free assistance in restoring your credit profile. Multiple services are available from self help guidance to personalized repair on your behalf. Also if your if your personal credit is stellar and your ready to build Business credit so you don’t have to be a Personal Guarantor your entire life, it’s know better time to start establishing your business credit than with the

Father of Success.



Don’t simply repair your credit credt, learn how it is done! This is a skill that will help you for generations to come.. understand your own position and guide others to financial freedom. Credit is the Foundation!

Success Coaching

Fill in the gaps with Direction from an expert in personal/business branding. Be held accountable and pushed for greatness.. You will get detailed guidance to grow your reach, improve content, develop systems/success strategies and build departments so your business can be ran successfully with or without you. Maybe you have potential or skill set you can’t see yourself? Allow The Father of Success to point out your best path to success you never thought dreamed Of or considered.

Keynote Speaking

Do you need someone to come in and convert the culture and mindset of your group? Are you getting the response you need from your team? Sometimes we just need a fresh perspective to bring it all together. Let’s take your group to the next level!

Personal and Business Funding

Make sure that your credit is working for you and your business without wasting time on countless applications and denials. We know when, where and how to apply to get you what you need with an interest rate you can be proud of.

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